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Residential Permit Parking District Program (RPPD) FAQ

If you are already registered with Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration (DTA) and do not know your personal property number, you can find it one of three ways:

  1. Check your Fairfax County personal property tax bill that you received in the mail
  2. Call DTA at 703-222-8234
  3. Online (only if you have already been billed):

Connect to the DTA “Pay My Car Taxes” web site

Click [GO] button
Step 1: [NO] and [SUBMIT]
Step 2: Enter your DMV Customer

View Property Number under the banner:

View Property Number under the banner:

Qualified for
Car Tax Relief
  xx-XXXX XXXX x              


If you have not yet registered with DTA, you can do so on the DTA Vehicle Registration web page. Please take note of the Transaction Reference Number (TRN) at the end of your session, you will need this number to apply for an RPPD permit.

Visit the RPPD Map page to view existing RPPD Districts.

Specific instructions on permit placement, including acceptable alternatives, are provided on the permit sheet.

There is currently no charge for residential parking permits or visitor passes. The visitor pass is not to be used by individuals residing at your address or loaned to others to use while not visiting your home, such as parking for METRO or attending school. Misuse of a visitor pass can result in confiscation of the pass and a fine. We do not issue replacements for any permit or pass that has been misused.

At this time, there is not a limit to the number of parking permits that can be obtained.  The owner of the vehicle and the vehicle itself must be registered with DMV, as well as DTA, at the RPPD address.

One visitor pass is issued per address. Visitor passes are not issued to multifamily or townhouse addresses, which should allow for visitor parking on their premises.

The fine for parking in a restricted district during the hours of the restriction without a permit is currently $75.

No, you cannot use the same permit on an alternate vehicle. A permit is assigned to a particular vehicle with a unique VIN and license plate combination.

Login to your RPPD Dashboard account, navigate to the Vehicles panel and click [+ Add Vehicle]. Enter your vehicle information and set ‘Exception’ to “TEMPORARY PLATE”. A window will open with details on the documentation required. Documents can be uploaded within the application once your information is saved or submitted by fax or mail. Once we receive the required documentation, we will issue you a temporary parking pass.

*We cannot issue a permanent permit until the vehicle has permanent plates and is registered with DTA. See instructions below to edit your vehicle information.

Login to your RPPD Dashboard account. Navigate to the Vehicles panel, select the vehicle you want to edit and make the necessary changes. SAVE, and then click [Request Permit].

You can apply for a replacement permit on the RPPD Dashboard. Locate your vehicle under ‘Vehicle Permits’ and click “Request Reissue”.

No, you can park in your driveway without a permit.

RPPD restrictions do not apply to vehicles owned or leased by a public agency, or marked service or delivery vehicles which are being used to actively provide services or make deliveries to dwellings within the designated District.

No. Only the registered owner of the vehicle can apply for the parking permit.

The RPPD program helps to ensure that residents of densely populated areas have reasonable access to parking near their residences. Residents within the RPPD have petitioned for the restriction and it was approved by the Board of Supervisors.

You can apply for a temporary permit, either online or in person at our offices. To apply online, create an RPPD Dashboard account and set your ‘Exception’ to “NEW RESIDENT”. A window will open with details on the documentation required. Documents can be uploaded within the application once your information is saved or submitted by fax or mail. While you are using this temporary permit you must comply with both VA state and Fairfax County regulations regarding registering your vehicle and changing your driver's license.

You should call the Fairfax County Police non-emergency number, (703) 691-2131, to report violations in your district.

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