Code Compliance

CONTACT INFORMATION: Code Compliance is open 8AM - 4PM Mon-Thurs and 9:15AM - 4PM Fridays.
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Gabriel M. Zakkak

Do You Suspect Hoarding?

Often, occupants are unaware of the danger they have put themselves in and may not be willing to ask for help.  By submitting a complaint, you could be saving someone’s life or ending the suffering of animals in need.

woman and cat on stepsSigns & symptoms of someone affected by Hoarding Disorder

The individual may:

  • Have exaggerated attachment to their things and want to save everything, regardless of actual value
  • Not let you in their house - they often express shame and embarrassment about bringing people inside
  • Have money but never seem to pay their bills on time
  • Be a shopaholic and constantly bring purchases home or have deliveries of goods; thereby having increased debt
  • Get agitated, distraught or even belligerent in situations when anyone tries to remove things from their home
  • Stock up on free items (i.e. sugar packets, napkins, pamphlets, etc.) or things that are a bargain
  • Insist all animals are happy and healthy, despite clear signs of distress and illness (animal hoarding)
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