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Specialty Treatment Dockets

In our attempt to divert as many people as possible and address underlying causes of crime, our office also makes unprecedentedly active use of Fairfax County’s three specialty dockets, which each address certain issues that often intersect with the criminal justice system. These courts are not adversarial like the regular court system, but are collaborative spaces where prosecutors, defense, and a judge are all on the same side to provide defendants the help they need.

OCA staff attorneys play a vital role in the success of the dockets by working closely with court staff and participants to ensure successful outcomes.

Why Diversion? - To improve justice and safety in Fairfax County, our office depends heavily on diverting low-risk individuals from the criminal justice system. By treating the root causes of criminal behavior, these individuals are less likely to recidivate in the future, helping to improve community safety and individual lives.

The OCA oversees multiple diversion programs and specialty dockets as alternative pathways to provide accountability and rehabilitation for people charged with specific non-violent crimes. For specific questions about eligibility or participation in these programs, please contact Diversion Coordinator Mayo Wilson at

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