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Behavioral Health Services for Children, Youth and Families

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The Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board (CSB) provides behavioral health services for children and youth who have serious emotional and mental health issues and/or substance use issues. Based on an individualized assessment, children, youth and families are offered a treatment plan tailored to their specific strengths and needs.

If your child is having a mental health crisis, these services are available 24/7:

Below are several options for you to speak with a mental health professional. Do not worry about making the wrong choice. Every number leads to someone who can help.

Accessing Services

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Types of Services

Outpatient Services

Outpatient services include mental health and substance use treatment, as well as case management and psychiatric services when indicated. Services are provided for children and youth (and their families) who have serious emotional and mental health issues and for those who have substance use or substance dependency issues.

  • Outpatient mental health services help youth cope with their stressors and manage their mental health. Treatment is tailored to address the individual needs of the youth and family. Services take place in an office or virtually and usually last 3-6 months. Youth may be referred to a psychiatrist for an evaluation.
  • Outpatient substance use services are available for middle and high school-aged youth and their families. The goal is to reduce and then stop the youth’s use of alcohol and/or drugs. Most youth participate in group therapy, with additional individual and family sessions available as needed. Through the Student Assistance Program, CSB partners with Fairfax County Public Schools to identify and treat youth with substance use issues.
  • Turning Point provides rapid intervention for youth and young adults after a first episode of psychosis and subsequent wraparound services (ages 16-25), as well as those (ages 14-25) who are at high risk for psychosis. Call 703-559-3000 and ask for the Turning Point program.
  • Support groups are available in weekly concurrent sessions of "Heads Up" and "Talk It Out." Teens talk about successful recovery and resilience through mental health or substance use challenges. Parents discuss how to help their teens live their fullest lives in the aftermath of trauma or through emotional distress. For more information or to get the access code to join the virtual groups, contact Anna Davis (703-383-8404) or David Edelman (703-481-4008).

Intensive Treatment Services

  • The Youth and Family Resource Team assists families to meet the needs of children and youth with complex and high-risk behavioral health issues through team-based service planning and accessing intensive services through Medicaid, the Children’s Services Act (CSA) and the DBHDS Mental Health Initiative. Call 703-207-7782 with questions.
  • Wraparound Fairfax provides an intensive level of support for youth whose complex behavioral health issues place them at high risk for requiring residential treatment or out‐of‐home placement, or who are currently served away from home and transitioning back to their home community. Wraparound Fairfax staff works closely with families and service provider teams to identify the youth’s underlying needs and strengths. Families receive supports matched uniquely to their situation and designed to keep the youth safely in the community and prevent out of home placement. Call 703-207-7782 with questions.
  • Leland House is an 8 bed, 45-day local residential crisis stabilization program for youth who are experiencing a psychiatric crisis. The program is operated by United Methodist Family Services under contract with the CSB. Leland House includes services by licensed mental health clinicians, a psychiatrist and on-site education from Fairfax County Public Schools. Call 703-222-3558 or 703-207-7782 with questions.
  • The Juvenile Forensic Program provides a range of behavioral health services to youth who are involved with the Fairfax Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court (JDRC).


Healthy Minds Fairfax is a partnership between the CSB, other county child-serving agencies, Fairfax County Public Schools, providers and families to improve access to behavioral health services for children and youth and to enhance the quality of services. HMF provides:

  • Short-Term Behavioral Health Services (STBHS), an 8-10 session outpatient therapy intervention for youth with emerging mental health issues. STBH services are available through referrals from school mental health staff and the CSB.
  • Family peer support partners who support parents and caregivers of children and youth with mental health issues, through a contract with PRS Inc. contacts. Due to COVID-19, services are currently conducted via video telehealth or phone contact.
  • A navigation website to help families find mental health services and supports in the community

Fees for CSB Services

  • Fees are charged to offset the cost of providing treatment services. The family is responsible for paying the full fee or a parental co-payment for services not covered by their insurance or another funding source. If families are unable to pay the full fee, they may be eligible for a subsidy and/or an extended payment plan.
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