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NVMHI Admission Priorities

Ongoing discussions regarding prioritization of NVMHI admissions occur in several forums, including meetings with CSB Emergency Services Managers, CSB Aftercare Managers, and Private Hospital Partners. As a result of these discussions, stakeholders have decided not to make any process changes regarding NVMHI Admissions at this time. The following practices remain in place:

  • Continue to reserve 2 TDO beds at NVMHI
  • Continue to prioritize TDO admissions at private hospitals in the community
  • Insured individuals at private hospitals require regional review for transfer to NVMH
  • Retain the existing Western State Hospital transfer process
  • Post-hearing individuals take priority over insured individuals on Ready To Transfer List

Although multiple factors determine who is admitted to NVMHI, the stakeholders consensus for admission priorities is as follows:

  1. No bed available in Commonwealth
  2. Post-hearing (if not at a facility) and TDOs
  3. LIPOS transfer Level II first, then Level I
  4. Level II uninsured voluntary admissions
  5. Insured transfers
  6. Forensic transfers

Note: “Medically cleared” from an emergency room is different from the medical acceptance by NVMHI Primary Care staff. The NVMHI Primary Care staff must accept the individual before admission can occur.

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