Fairfax THRIVE

Coming soon: More business support for Fairfax County Businesses

In Winter of 2023, Fairfax County in partnership with Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC), will roll out Fairfax THRIVE, its third small business support program. 

This program will provide eligible small companies with business counseling and consulting services to help them address economic conditions, consumer shifts and support their future planning.

Funded with $7 million ARPA Fiscal Recovery Funds, THRIVE will be introduced in two phases.

The first phase of THRIVE, scheduled to begin in November 2022, will solicit business coaches and consultants via several RFPs who will serve as technical advisors to THRIVE businesses. 

The RFPs will be released via EVA and on the Fairfax County website and will focus on

  • finding small business coaches, who will triage the applicants and help them determine the type of assistance they require.
  • recruiting business consultants who will provide the applicants with technical assistance in their area of expertise.


The second phase of THRIVE will roll-out to all businesses in Winter 2023.This phase will allow businesses to apply for the program via a web portal. Eligible companies who experienced negative economic impacts from the pandemic and have been accepted into the program will then be matched with a business coach and consultant who can help them grow, retain employees and address individual business goals.

Potential areas of help/technical assistance may include:

  • Hiring and retention
  • Marketing and brand development 
  • Financial planning or additional capital acquisition
  • Online sales or website creation/improvement 
  • Real Estate including location search, lease negotiation, etc

Details on eligibility, how to apply and will be released at a later time on this page. 

More information about the RFPs and THRIVE application process will be posted on this page and also sent via the Department of Economic Initiatives newsletter. (Sign up here)




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