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Fairfax County Parks Are No Place for Kite Fighting

Kite FilamentThe Fairfax County Park Authority has prohibited kite fighting at Fairfax County Parks, citing increasing reports of harm to wildlife, vegetation, maintenance equipment and the inherent risks to public safety. Individuals observed to be kite fighting will be asked to stop. Individuals who refuse or repeatedly violate this rule may potentially be banned from park use.

Kite fighting is noted for its super-sharp string used to attack and cut the lines of opposing kites. Kite fighters typically replace traditional kite string with stronger, sharper material, such as metal filament, piano wire, fishing line and line coated with glass fragments. Once lines are cut, defeated kites are blown by the wind, trailing long lines of the sharpened string behind them. Often, the kite debris and attached string are not recovered and disposed of, leaving a potentially near-invisible hazard for animals and people.

The material has been found tangled in treetops and in low-lying brush, along trails, in the water and in open green spaces. Park patrons, wildlife managers and Park Authority staff are regularly documenting potential harm to birds, reptiles and other wildlife caught in kite line. Additionally, Park Authority maintenance expenditures are rising due to kite string being wrapped up in mowers and other site-specific equipment.

Park guests who observe kite fighting, or any other suspicious or unsafe activity in the parks, may contact the Fairfax County Police Department non-emergency number at 703-691-2131.

For more information, please contact the Public Information Office at

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