Mount Vernon Rec Center

703-768-3224 TTY 711
2017 Belle View Blvd.
Alexandria, Virginia
Kimeshia Junkins
Operations Manager

Mount Vernon Rec Center

More than Just a Gym

The Mount Vernon Rec Center will be closed from Jan. 1, 2023 for renovations.

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Mount Vernon Rec Center is closed for Renovation

We’ve Got You Covered

While Mt. Vernon is being renovated, we’ve got 8 other Rec Centers for you to enjoy!

Learn more about our Rec Centers today. Call 703-222-4664 for help locating alternative programs, services and facilities during the closure.

Renovation Project Details

The 75,000 square-foot expansion to the facility is currently underway! The project includes a two-story fitness center, a second ice rink, multi-purpose areas, pool, indoor track and additional building upgrades.

Additional Project Information and Status Updates
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