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Accessible Trails

a collage of three accessible trails in winter, summer, and fall

What general characteristics denote an accessible trail?

  1. Firm and stable surface: typically concrete, asphalt or stonedust

  2. Maximum Running Slope and Segment Length
    Running Slope of Trail Segment Maximum Length of Segment
    Steeper Than But Not Steeper Than
    1:20 (5%) 1:12 (8.33%) 200 feet
    1:12 (8.33%) 1:10 (10%) 30 feet
    1:10 (10%) 1:8 (12%) 10 feet

  3. Cross Slope [1017.7.2] Cross slope is the side-to-side slope of a trail tread. Some cross slope is necessary to provide drainage and to keep water from ponding and damaging the trail surface, especially on unpaved or natural surfaces. When the trail surface is constructed of concrete, asphalt or boards, the cross slope must be no steeper than 1:48 (two percent). When the trail surface is constructed of materials other than asphalt, concrete or boards, cross slopes no steeper than 1:20 (five percent) are allowed when necessary for drainage.

  4. For more information about the trail guidelines, visit the United States Access Board.

Recommended Accessible Trails

All trails listed below were measured from the closest accessible parking spaces on site to the trail and totaled in a round trip format.

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