7. Renewal

Step 7 of the development review process is renewal.  For all the steps, visit the Development Process Overview.

As the building and site's usefulness becomes obsolete there becomes a need to redevelop or repurpose the site for economic purposes and possibly for community interests.  Redevelopment and revitalization are a natural part of the development process. 

Renewal and Demolition

A property may fall into decline, reach the end of its useful life and be demolished. 

Demolition Process

Step 1 - Asbestos Abatement Permit

Step 2 - Plumbing Permit

Step 3 - Demolition Permit

Step 4 - Bond Release


The Board of Supervisors created seven Commercial Revitalization Districts/Areas to sustain economic vitality in the older commercial areas and adjacent neighborhoods in Fairfax County.  A variety of current revitalization program initiatives exist.

Office of Community Revitalization