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PLUS FAQ for Customers


Also refer to LDS PLUS FAQS: PERMITS, PLANS, INSPECTIONS for specific information.


To file an application or submit any information in the PLUS platform, users must register for a free account. Watch the following step-by-step guide video to see how to register for your PLUS customer account.

To browse and search for information on PLUS, an account is not needed. Other interested parties can peruse the site without logging in.


Once you log in to PLUS, you can make changes to your account by selecting the Account Management tab in the upper righthand corner. There you will be able to update details such as your contact information, login information, license information and trust account information.


You can make changes (equipment or layout, establishment name, owner name, upload new documents, or notification of establishment closure) to an existing record in the system depending on what the current status of the record is. If the record is eligible for changes, you will see the Make Changes option to the right of the record in your Records list under the Action column.

Click on the change you want to make, and then click Continue Application. You will see a confirmation on the screen and an email notification will be sent to both the applicant and establishment owner contact emails in the original application. Both will include the new record number associated with the proposed changes. The proposed changes become a new record (known as an amendment) that will show up in your list of records.

Note: Change of Owner Name is not the same thing as a Change of Ownership (which requires a new application)

If the PLUS System is unable to find your address it is most likely a formatting issue. 

Please click Clear at the bottom of the address section of your application. Enter the *Street Number of the work location and *Street Name only into the search fields below.  Do not enter the Street Type (Ex. Blvd, Rd, Dr, etc.) into the *Street Name field when performing an Address Search.  Click Search.

If there is more than one match for your search criteria a new window will open to allow you to select the proper address.  Parcel number and Owner will automatically be filled in once the system finds the exact match.

PLUS has a shopping cart feature that allows an applicant to pay for multiple applications from all agencies/modules that are part of the PLUS project at the same time. This feature makes it easy for an applicant to pay all your fees together instead of going through separate transactions.

A payment cannot be made until the fee has been invoiced and a Pay Fee Due option is visible on the record (an email notification will be sent to the establishment owner and applicant when the fee has been invoiced). Please note that anyone can pay for a record including the contacts on the record. Customers can make a payment without having to login on ACA or be listed on the application as a contact. If the customer does not login, they can only pay for one record at a time. However, if they sign on to ACA, they will be able to add fees for multiple records to the Shopping Cart and complete just one payment transaction for all of them.

  1. To make a payment as a registered user, you must login to your ACA account using your User Name and password.
  2. Click on the module (Building, Enforcement, Environmental Health, Fire, Planning, Site or Zoning) that corresponds with your fee(s).
  3. Find the record you want to pay fees due for (See Searching Records). Viewing your Record List will allow you to add multiple records to your Cart to make a payment on multiple records in one transaction.

If you have technical questions regarding the PLUS system, please call 703-324-2222 or email

If you have questions or need specific help from staff with submitting an application in PLUS, please use the following phone numbers and email addresses:

Please go through PLUS first to create the record number before requesting a pre-construction meeting and view the slideshow with instructions.

More information can be found on the Special Inspections webpage.


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