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2021 Redistricting Schedule

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors originally adopted a schedule for redistricting on June 8, and this schedule was revised on Sept. 14 as follows:

  • Feb. 23: Board of Supervisors approved the start of the 2021 redistricting process, including adopting goals, legal criteria and 11 policies to guide the effort..
  • June 8: Board of Supervisors appointed the 2021 Redistricting Advisory Committee.
  • August: Redistricting Committee will begin to meet.
  • Aug. 16-20: Virginia Division of Legislative Services is anticipated to deliver adjusted census data to Fairfax County.
  • Sept. 10 – Sept. 19: Public can draw and submit proposed new electoral districts.
  • Sept. 10 - Sept. 28 Redistricting Committee draws proposed new electoral boundaries for the Board of Supervisors and School Board.
  • Oct. 19: Board of Supervisors authorizes advertisement of a public hearing on the proposed redistricting plans and ordinance.
  • Nov. 9: Board of Supervisors holds the public hearing.
  • Dec. 7: Board of Supervisors considers adoption of the ordinance to redistrict the county’s election districts.
  • Dec. 21: County Attorney submits adopted redistricting plan to the Virginia Attorney General for certificiation.
  • Feb. 20, 2022: Redistricting is anticipated to be complete following state certification.
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