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Renaming Overview

Fairfax County undertook a process to consider whether to rename its nine districts for the Board of Supervisors and School Board.

In an effort that began mid-January 2022, the Redistricting Advisory Committee evaluated these district names with a focus on equity, as tasked by the Board of Supervisors. At its last meeting on March 1, the committee approved its final recommendations report on which districts should be renamed — but the committee did not propose new names.

Ultimately, the Board of Supervisors will decide if and how to make any name changes based on the committee’s recommendations.


As directed by the Board of Supervisors, the committee completed its work by March 1. To meet this deadline, the committee had scheduled meetings for twice a week virtually on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Committee Process

The committee evaluated district and voting precinct names based on seven criteria, including if a name is geographically confusing or not representative, or associated with the Confederacy, segregation, racism or slave ownership. The committee is also asked the public to recommend districts that should be renamed.

The committee created three workgroups to look more in-depth at the names nominated for further evaluation.  

At their Jan. 18 meeting, the committee initially selected the following districts and precincts for further evaluation and discussion:

  • 616 Gunston (in Mount Vernon District)
  • 709 Mosby (in Providence District)
  • 705 Graham-Greenway (in Providence District)
  • 608 Hollin Hall (in Mount Vernon District)
  • 930 Lees Corner (in Sully District)
  • 732 Oak Marr (in Providence District)
  • 730 Penderbrook (in Providence District)
  • 115 Ravensworth (in Braddock District)
  • 236 Stuart (in Hunter Mill District)
  • 422 Van Dorn (in Lee District)

However, the committee ultimately took no further action on voting precinct names in order to focus on the district name recommendations.

Public Input Provided

The committee provided opportunities for public feedback, including:

  • Recommending any districts or voting precincts you think should be renamed
  • Expressing your agreement or disagreement
  • Explaining any community or economic impacts that would result from a name change
County residents, civic groups and business organizations were invited to offer input and testimony during every point of the committee’s work, including during committee meetings, by email or mail and by phone.
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