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Renaming Selection Criteria

As adopted by the Redistricting Advisory Committee (RAC) at their Jan. 18 meeting, the group established criteria to use when selecting Board of Supervisors districts and voting precinct names that should be considered for renaming.

The committee wasn't tasked to propose new names, only make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on which districts and precincts should be renamed.

Selection Process

The steps in which a district or precinct name would be considered for committee discussion is as follows:

  • A committee member makes a motion to the full RAC to include a district or precinct name based on one or more of the criteria below
  • If the motion is seconded, a discussion would follow and the motioning committee member would justify, if asked, how their candidate for renaming met the criteria
  • When discussion is closed, the committee chair calls for a vote. If the motion passes, the candidate is added to the list of names to be evaluated.
Candidate Selection Criteria

The committee will use any of the following seven criteria to select districts or precincts to consider for name changes:

  1. Does the name violate the spirit or explicit meaning of the One Fairfax policy?
  2. Is the name offensive to the community?
  3. Is the name related to the Confederate past?
  4. Is the name associated with segregation, Jim Crow, racism, discrimination, or slave ownership?
  5. Is the name confusing to residents or is it geographically representative of the district?
  6. Is the name of historical significance or is the name no longer reflective of life in that part of the county?
  7. Does it help residents aspire to the best possible quality of life in the future?

As a discussion consideration, the committee will consider:

  • Is a change disruptive to the economic interest of the district or precinct?
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