Governing Documents

Fairfax County's three retirement systems are primarily defined in and governed by County Code. Links to the relevant Code sections are noted below.

Employees' Retirement System

ERSThe Fairfax County Employees' Retirement System was created in 1955, as what was then called the Supplemental Retirement System. While initially established for general County employees and non-Police Public Safety employees, select Fairfax County School's employees were added over the years. In 1974, when the Uniformed Retirement System was created, Firemen, Sheriff’s Deputies, Park Police, and Game Wardens moved from the Supplemental System into the Uniformed System. The Supplemental Retirement System name was changed to Employees' Retirement System in 2001.

Police Officers Retirement System

PORSThe Fairfax County Police Officers Retirement System was created under authority granted by Chapter 303 of the Acts of Assembly (law of the Commonwealth of Virginia) on March 29, 1944, to provide defined benefit pension plan coverage for sworn full-time law enforcement officers of the Fairfax County Police Department. In 1981 Fairfax County enacted Article 7 of the Fairfax County Code, which adopted and continued Chapter 303 as amended. State Code for the Police System can be found at this link.

Uniformed Retirement System

URSThe Fairfax County Uniformed Retirement System was created in 1974, for Firemen, Sheriff’s Deputies, Park Police, and Game Wardens. Prior to 1974, when they were moved to the Uniformed Retirement System, these employees were members of what is now called the Employees' Retirement System. Public Safety Communications staff were moved from the Employees' to the Uniformed System in 2005.

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