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Right of Way (ROW) Acquisition Process

Property Impact Overview

To expand transportation facilities, government agencies may need to acquire land, or right of way (ROW), from private property owners.

Services for Affected Property Owners and Occupants

Guide for Property Owners and TenantsIf FCDOT needs to acquire a property for the Richmond Highway BRT project, services are available to current property owners and occupants, including:

  • Residential relocation assistance, including moving costs and a housing supplement to ensure the displaced persons are able to obtain comparable housing
  • Rental assistance for displaced owner-occupants and tenants
  • Businesses & non-profit organizations may also be eligible to receive financial assistance related to moving, finding a replacement property, and reestablishing their business/organization

More helpful information can be found in the Virginia Department of Transportation’s Guide for Property Owners and Tenants.

General Outline of Acquisition Process

General Outline of Relocation Process

Acquisition Schedule

Next Steps

  • Maps with the current project design are posted.
  • An interactive map for the project design will be available in fall 2020.
  • Virtual Public Information Meetings are anticipated for fall 2020.

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