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16AF: BRT Brand Launch

On Friday, February 25, 2022, the Richmond Highway BRT was officially named when Fairfax County officials launched the brand identity, developed with input from community members and stakeholders over three years. And the name is -- The One! This name, colors, and logo will be used at BRT stations and on the buses, to help people recognize and remember the new bus service. There are a few reasons this is the best brand for our forthcoming BRT service: the One is a short and simple name, so it’s easy for people to learn and recall, it references the place that the buses will run – up and down Route 1 – so everyone in the community can understand its location, the name speaks to the uniqueness of the service. If you’re looking for a fast, frequent, traffic-free way to travel along the Richmond Highway Corridor, this is The One way to go.

Fairfax Virtual Assistant