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Mature Living: Downsizing

This edition of Mature Living focuses on “Downsizing.” Why is it so hard to part with the stuff of our lives? Not just photos, jewelry, and knick-knacks, but even old clothes, furniture and well-worn cook ware. In the first part of Downsizing, Cindy Nothom, a retired RN who specialized in long term care, and Nancy Fiedelman, an elder-care consultant, discuss this rite of passage and offer insights into why it’s so difficult to let go of our things.  In the second half of the show, Matt Paxton, Founder of Legacy Navigator, LLC and former host of the TV show, Hoarders, shares tips that viewers can use when downsizing their own home or that of a loved one. 

During the mid-show, three county residents discuss their downsizing experiences and a retiring county teacher discusses his minimalist life style.  (CC)

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