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Decennial Census

Since 1790, the U.S. Census Bureau has conducted a census every ten years to determine the population of the United States. The data collected through the decennial census serves several crucial purposes, such as redistributing seats in the House of Representatives, realigning congressional districts, redistricting within individual states, and playing a pivotal role in the allocation of hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funds each year. The decennial census provides an official count of all individuals residing in the United States as of the census date, typically observed on April 1st. The 2020 Census stands as the most recent decennial census conducted in the United States.

 2020 Decennial Census Summaries

A table summarizing 2020 redistricting data in Fairfax County, VA by the current Supervisor District (adopted in January 2022), and a set of maps by Census Tract are prepared by the Economic, Demographic, and Statistical Research. More data products will be published on this page as further data are made available by Census Bureau. Raw data and more information on the Decennial Census P.L. 94-171 Redistricting Data is available through the U.S. Census Bureau.

 2010 Decennial Census Summaries

 2000 Decennial Census Summaries

 Historical Decennial Census Summaries

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