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Human Services Needs Assessment


A Path Toward Tomorrow: The 2016 Fairfax County Human Services Needs Assessment

Fairfax County is experiencing substantial changes in its population, economy, and infrastructure. These changes have resulted in a broadening of needs in the areas of housing, economic self-sufficiency, health, and connections to resources. To understand the impact of these changes and prepare for the future, an assessment was conducted to identify key needs and challenges facing residents. To learn more, click below.

What Can Be Done?

The challenges outlined in the report will not dissipate on their own. Maintaining the quality of life and long-term prosperity of Fairfax County is important for all residents. The entire community must work together to tackle the root causes of these issues. Get involved! Consider volunteering, attend community meetings, or join a board, authority, or committee. To have the greatest impact, large-scale adjustments must also be made to modernize the human services system.

Call to Action: Building A Strong Community for All Residents


Educate, give back, collaborate and plan. Check out what you can do about community needs.

Pat Harrison Channel 16 Interview

Deputy County Executive Pat Harrison shares the importance of understanding the impact of changes in Fairfax County and preparing for the future with tools such as the Human Services Needs Assessment.


Pat Harrison Podcast

Listen as Pat Harrison, Deputy County Executive, talks about the Human Services Needs Assessment.

Thank You!

The Path Toward Tomorrow: The 2016 Fairfax County Human Services Needs Assessment was made possible from the many Fairfax County residents who provided feedback on needs in our community. Special acknowledgement is given to the members of the Needs Assessment Advisory Group, staff, and subject matter experts for their contributions.

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