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The Data Analytics unit informs planning and decision making for Fairfax County Health and Human Services by analyzing and sharing programmatic and community data to identify patterns, trends, gaps, disparities and environmental changes. The overall objective is increased operational efficiency and optimal resource allocation – all driving toward improved client outcomes.



The Eviction Data Dashboard was developed to identify areas of the county where residents are most at risk of being evicted from their homes because of economic hardship caused by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Opioid Policy and Data Framework

Grant project enabling behavioral health, human services, and justice professionals in Fairfax County to support informed decision-making, and to improve service outcomes for individuals seeking help with opioid treatment and recovery.

Needs Assessment

Report identifying key needs and challenges facing county residents.

Health and Human Services Needs Assessment 2019 PDF  Icon

Printer Friendly VersionPDF  Icon

Executive SummaryPDF  Icon

STEAM Opportunities for Youth

Website and web mapping application to learn more about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) career options and locate STEAM programs in Fairfax County.

Program Metrics

Data summarizing the impact of HHHS programs on residents.

Aligning Efforts for Success

Report highlighting key factors about economic mobility in Fairfax County.

Aligning Efforts for Success: Economic InclusionPDF  Icon


Youth Survey

Annual survey that examines FCPS student behaviors, experiences and other factors that influence their health and well-being.


Web mapping applications designed to query and visualize demographic, income and health variables for Fairfax County.

50+ Community Survey

Report summarizing key findings and data from the 50+ Community Survey launched in February 2019.PDF  Icon

Survey Results by Supervisor District PDF  Icon

Survey Results by Population Subgroup PDF  Icon

Services for Older Adults and Persons with Disabilities

Web mapping application assessing the relationship between where adults 65+ or households with at least one person with a disability reside, and where services for these populations are located.

Cross Jurisdictional Comparison of Key Indicators

Story map highlighting the similarities and differences in various population-level indicators between Fairfax County and neighboring counties.

Opportunity Zones

Web mapping application providing information on the nine identified Opportunity Zones within Fairfax County.

To access various HHS related publications from agencies across Fairfax County, organized by topic, that include useful data for your reference, please see Other Fairfax County Products.  



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