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HHS Strategic Allocation of Resources

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The Health and Human Services (HHS) Strategic Allocation of Resources (StAR) involves a designed plan to show how Fairfax County is addressing emerging needs and trends in the Health and Human Services system. The StAR Plan is a tool that replaces the HHS Resource Plan and aligns with the Countywide Strategic Plan.

FY 2025 StAR Plan

The FY 2025 HHS StAR Plan is now available in conjunction with the FY 2025 Advertised Budget Plan. It is not intended to be a funding commitment for specific programs, but a dynamic, transparent and adaptive way to guide funding decisions based on current community needs. The Plan is organized by the community outcome areas of the Countywide Strategic Plan.

FY 2024 StAR Plan

HHS Resource Plans

The initial "HHS Resource Plan" was developed through a collaborative effort with HHS staff, the Department of Management and Budget and the Human Services Council to identify funding and staffing priorities. It focused on capturing the services and needs within Health and Human Services, as well as Information Technology projects and the Capital Improvement plan. These Plans were not just for government, but for the whole community to proactively match resources with critical needs.

Please send an email to if you are interested in seeing HHS Resource Plans prior to FY 2021-2023. 

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