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Financial Difficulty, Late Payments and Foreclosure Prevention

The early stages of delinquency are the most crucial time for homeowners to take action. Homeowners who are one or two payments behind are more likely to keep their homes than those who have fallen further behind on their payment schedule. For homeowners that are not able to pay their homeowners association dues, are facing foreclosure or experiencing other financial difficulties information about credit repair, budgeting, financial literacy, the County’s Coordinated Services Planning department, HUD-approved housing counseling agencies, and other resources is available here.

The following information is for all Fairfax County First-Time Homebuyers Program participants, including our down payment and closing cost assistance programs.

Selling Your Fairfax County First-Time Homebuyers Program Unit

All Fairfax County Homeownership programs require homeowners to first offer their unit back to the County before they can sell to another party. Owners must notify the County in writing as directed in the property restrictions, The County will provide the appropriate Notice of Intent to Sell form. Owners must call 703-246-5087 to have a new form emailed or mailed to your home.

All owners should prepare for the sale of their home, by taking care of needed repairs and making sure the home is neat and clean. Owners may receive credit for the cost of certain repairs, replacements and improvements. Please refer to the First-Time Homebuyer Program Approved Replacements and Improvements Resale Credit Policy for additional information regarding repairs and improvements.

Annual Occupancy Certification

All Fairfax County Homeownership programs require homeowners to annually certify that they continue to occupy their home as their primary residence. The Annual Occupancy Certification form is mailed to the homeowner property by both first class and certified mail. Owners are only required to return one of the forms. The form must be signed by all owners and all signatures must be notarized. Owners that misplace or do not receive their annual certification form, may call 703-246-5087 to have a new form mailed to their home. The form is not available for pick up.

Loans, Refinancing and Subordination

All Fairfax County Homeownership programs require homeowners to receive approval prior to refinancing. Staff must ensure that owners, lenders, appraisers and settlement companies are aware of the refinance restrictions and that the refinance is processed in accord with the restrictive covenants and/or deed of trust on the property. Since restrictions vary by program, homeowners must notify the county by calling 703-246-5087 to have restrictions and related documents emailed or mailed to their home. Lenders and appraisers should read the additional Information for Appraisers which explains the control value and appraisal of FTHB properties.

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