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Walter L. Alcorn
Hunter Mill District Supervisor

June 23, 2020 Joint Board Matter Request to Inventory Confederate Names of County Property

Joint Board Matter With Providence District Supervisor Dalia Palchik


Mr. Chairman, today Supervisor Alcorn and I are requesting a report listing a full inventory of Confederate names of public places in Fairfax County, including: monuments, street names, RECenters, parks, county buildings, and other county properties. Fairfax County residents stand together with fellow Americans in support of the recent movement for racial justice, brought on by the horrific deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and others. This powerful call for equity has brought attention to Confederate monuments and place names throughout the country and the County, and the painful history they symbolize. Confederate monuments and place names were affirmations of white supremacy under the siren of southern history and tradition, and they go against the goal of a more just, unified county. They do not reflect our community’s values.


Fairfax County embraces its growing diverse population and recognizes it as a tremendous asset, but also knows that racial and social inequities still exist. This policy defines expectations for consideration of racial and social equity, and in particular, meaningful community involvement when planning, developing, and implementing policies, practices, and initiatives. In order to embrace the One Fairfax policy, a full inventory of these tributes is essential for Board review, to move forward in our journey towards a more just county.


Therefore, I move that the Board request the Fairfax County History Commission to prepare a report listing a full inventory of Confederate street names, monuments and public places in Fairfax County and on Fairfax County-owned property. The report should include:

• A comprehensive list and history of places in Fairfax County named after individuals who held military or governmental responsibilities under the authority of the Confederate States of America between 1861-1865;

• Identification of the party responsible for renaming the street, monument and/or place;

• Implications (including legal, cost, and other) of removing Confederate names of public places in Fairfax County;

• Recommended guidelines with the input of other relevant County Boards and Commissions such as the Fairfax County Park Authority and the Architectural Review Board for the renaming/replacement process of Confederate:

  • Monuments
  • Street Names
  • RECenters & Parks
  • Additional Public Places

• Input from the County Attorney’s office and other relevant county agencies on the renaming process of Confederate names of public places in the County.

  • This should include coordination with other local governments for any existing removals or replacements, to include the Marr monument located on Fairfax county grounds.

We request this inventory be completed by the end of 2020. Once completed, the Board should immediately consider further community outreach and potential implementation options.

I would so move.













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