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Walter L. Alcorn,
Hunter Mill District Supervisor

Hunter Mill Board Matters

What is a Board Matter?

Board Matters are documents presented by each member of the Board of Supervisors to introduce and discuss magisterial district issues. Board Matters can include requests for official presentations, information that the Board Member would like to share, requests to county agencies to investigate and/or act and any other issue the supervisor wishes to bring to the attention of his colleagues.

Board Matters Presented by Hunter Mill District Supervisor Alcorn at Board of Supervisors Meetings:

Dec. 1, 2020 Board Matter: Comment on Commonwealth Transportation Board’s 2020 Fall Transportation Meetings


This year, the Commonwealth of Virginia’s FY 2020-2022 Biennium Budget included language allowing the FY 2020-2025 Six-Year Improvement Program (SYIP), adopted June 19, 2019, to remain in effect through June 30, 2021, or until a new SYIP can be adopted based on revenue forecasts reflecting the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The budget amendments adopted by the General…

Oct. 20, 2020 Board Matter: Reston Community Center Preference Poll


The Reston Community Center has completed the annual preference poll election for its Board of Governors. The following individuals were elected to serve three-year terms on the Reston Community Center Board of Governors:

Vicky Wingert

Bill Keefe

Bill Penniman

All three candidates are incumbents who have actively served the community…

Oct. 6, 2020 Joint Board Matter: Request for Additional Public Input Opportunities for 495 NEXT Project

Joint Board Matter With Chairman McKay and Supervisors Foust and Palchik

Our offices have heard from numerous residents who have expressed concerns with how few public meetings have been held to discuss the 495 Express Lanes Northern Extension, or NEXT, project.

Recognizing that COVID-19 has made public meetings difficult, we still believe there are ample means to collect…

July 14, 2020 Joint Board Matter: Request for Staff Regarding Coordinated Services Planning – 222 Number

Joint Board Matter With Supervisors Foust, Smith and Palchik

Background:Mr. Chairman, the County’s Health and Human Services Department (HHS) operates a Coordinated Services Planning (CSP) phone number (703-222-0880) which is referred to as the “222 number.” The 222 number provides the public with a single point of access for referral for many critical services including emergency…

July 14, 2020 Joint Board Matter: Approving Workforce Dwelling Unit Task Force Recommendations

Joint Board Matter With Dranesville District Supervisor John Foust

BACKGROUND: Mr. Chairman, the Workforce Dwelling Unit (WDU) Policy (“Policy”) is one of many tools Fairfax County uses to provide affordable and workforce housing for our residents. The Policy is adopted as an Appendix to the Housing element of the Policy Plan within the Comprehensive Plan and is administered by the…

July 14, 2020 Board Matter: Child Care Services: Supporting FCPS Efforts to Reopen Schools

Joint Board Matter With Dranesville District Supervisor John Foust

Background: Because of COVID-19, the Fairfax County Public Schools School Board and the School Superintendent are going through the excruciatingly difficult task of determining how educational services will be delivered to 189,000 students this fall. The decisions they make will have huge impacts on students, their…

July 14, 2020 Joint Board Matter: Request to Review 9-1-1 Dispatch and Response System to Enhance Diversion First Strategies

Joint Board Matter With Lee District Supervisor Rodney Lusk

Mr. Chairman – Our county is in the midst of a dialogue aimed at increasing both the effectiveness, as well as transparency of law enforcement activities within our community.

The challenges before us are too complex, and far too pervasive for any single…

June 23, 2020 Joint Board Matter Honoring Town of Vienna Mayor Laurie DiRocco

June 23, 2020

Joint Board Matter With Chairman Jeff McKay

Earlier this year, Town of Vienna Mayor Laurie DiRocco announced that she would not seek re-election for a 4th term in June. Mayor DiRocco’s current term will end on June 30, 2020.

Mayor DiRocco first joined the Vienna Town Council in 2009, following six years of serving on the Town of Vienna’s Planning Commission and the…

June 23, 2020 Joint Board Matter Request to Inventory Confederate Names of County Property

June 23, 2020

Joint Board Matter With Providence District Supervisor Dalia Palchik


Mr. Chairman, today Supervisor Alcorn and I are requesting a report listing a full inventory of Confederate names of public places in Fairfax County, including: monuments, street names, RECenters, parks, county buildings, and other county properties. Fairfax County residents stand together with…

March 10 Joint Board Matter: Affordable Housing Status Update Request

Joint Board Matter withChairman Jeffrey McKay andLee District Supervisor Rodney Lusk

Last year in the FY 2020 budget markup, the Board gave direction to staff on a number of affordable housing issues, including development of a package of innovative land use policies to further facilitate…

Feb. 25, 2020 Board Matter: Comments on Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)'s Proposed FY 2021 Operating Budget and Related Service and Fare Proposals


WMATA's proposed Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 operating budget totals $2.09 billion. It includes a base operating budget that is within the mandated 3% subsidy growth cap, with the exception of excluded items per the enacted legislation. The FY 2021 proposed budget adds hours to keep Metrorail open later and increases the frequency of trains on Sundays. The proposal also makes…

Feb. 11, 2020 Board Matter: Exploring Benefits of Emerging Technologies

Mr. Chairman, with the continued acceleration of technology advancement many counties and other local governments across the country are pursuing “smart community” strategies to make government service delivery more efficient and improve quality of life for residents.

One example of our leadership in this area has been in the development and application of GIS (geographic information…

Feb. 11, 2020 Joint Board Matter: Town of Vienna Fee Waiver

Joint Board Matter With Chairman Jeff McKay

With Board approval, we are requesting a waiver of all county building and inspection fees applicable to the Vienna Police Facility Construction Project.

The Town of Vienna is currently in the process of designing a new police facility.This new building will provide the opportunity for the Town to place all their police functions…

Feb. 11, 2020 Joint Board Matter: Recognition of James Madison High School Marching Band's State Championship Achievement

Joint Board Matter With Providence District Supervisor Dalia Palchik

The James Madison High School Marching Ensemble, “Pride of Vienna,” had another exemplary…

Jan. 28, 2020 Joint Board Matter: Countywide Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Initiative

Joint Board Matter With Lee District Supervisor Rodney Lusk

Mr. Chairman, today Supervisor Lusk and I are bringing to the Board’s attention a rather daunting and long-term challenge that has been an area of increasing focus during the past decade – how to make Fairfax County safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.

The commitment of Fairfax County to address this is clear,…

Jan. 14, 2020 Board Matter: Initiating a public participation process and authorizing an amendment to the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan for Reston

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