Board of Supervisors - Hunter Mill District

Fairfax County, Virginia

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1801 Cameron Glen Drive
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Walter L. Alcorn,
Hunter Mill District Supervisor



The HMD TAC meets quarterly on community transportation issues. Topics include road and transit projects and programs (including Fairfax Connector and Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project), trails and sidewalks, legislative and funding information, and a comprehensive project status list. For additional information or to be added to the HMD TAC email list contact:
Watch the latest HMTAC meeting held on July 29. These are approximate times of specific briefings:
  • 00:05 WMATA Briefing (Greg Potts)
  • 00:18 FCDOT Projects Briefing (Chris Wells)
  • 00:38 FCDOT Soapstone Connector (Tom Biesiadny)
  • 01:13 FCDOT Pedestrian Improvements (Lauren Delmare)
  • 01:34 FCDOT Wiehle Ave and W&OD Pedestrian Crossing (Tom Biesiadny)
  • 01:36 FCDOT/VDOT Foxmill Pinecrest Light (Tom Biesiadny/Chris Wells/Steve Welch)
  • 01:45 FCDOT Silver Line Phase II (Tom Biesiadny)
  • 01:54 VDOT Hunter Mill Rd One Lane Bridge (Steve Welch)
  • 01:56 VDOT Rte 7 Widening (Steve Welch)
  • 01:58 VDOT In-depth Paving Program Briefing (Steve Welch)

The HMTAC meets quarterly. The next meeting is scheduled for Oct. 28 from 8 to 10 a.m.

Hunter Mill District Transportation Updates


VDOT Information Regarding Weihle Avenue Striping Project:
VDOT’s Traffic Engineering group investigated several safety concerns brought up by residents who live near Weihle Avenue and found that during a five-year period, 34 crashes had occurred near the intersections with Inlet Court and Fairway Drive. The next step was to find a way to improve safety/operations and the decision was made to restripe the left lane at the two locations.

By striping left turn lanes at Inlet Court and Fairway Drive, only in the northbound direction, VDOT will reduce the opportunity for T-bone crashes, enhance the safety of traffic turning onto Wiehle and provide a median lane for police enforcement. After checking traffic signal models, this change will not reduce the volume of vehicles going northbound, since the capacity of the roadway at the signals is not being changed.

Once the striping projects are implemented, VDOT will continue to monitor traffic conditions so if there are issues, they can be rectified.

Fox Mill and Pinecrest Roads Project:
There is a proposal to add a traffic light at the intersection of Fox Mill and Pinecrest roads due to community safety concerns. Get the history and where we are now: Comments/questions are being accepted.

Hunter Mill Road Bridge over Colvin Run:
Replacement of the one lane bridge on Hunter Mill Road is moving forward - learn more. A public meeting will be held as soon as safely  possible and within federal guidelines. Comments/questions are being accepted.

Silver Line Update:


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