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Walter L. Alcorn
Hunter Mill District Supervisor

July 11, 2023 Board Matter: Caliber Developments; Concurrent Processing for RZ 2022-HM-00023


Mr. Chairman, pending rezoning application RZ-2022-HM-00023 is a request from Caliber Developments, L.C. to rezone 1.14 acres of land from the R-1 District to the R-3 District to develop three single-family detached homes at the property located at 1800 Creek Crossing Road. Two years ago, the existing house on this property was proposed for a school use, and that proposal was withdrawn after extensive concern expressed by members of the community.

The Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the Rezoning application at the June 28, 2023, Planning Commission public hearing. However, the Board of Supervisors public hearing for the Rezoning will not occur until September 12, 2023. Authorization of concurrent processing for the subdivision plan related to this rezoning will allow the applicant to move forward with the engineered subdivision plan concurrently with zoning review.


Therefore, I move that the Board direct the Director of the Department of Land Development Services to accept concurrent and simultaneous review of a subdivision plan and/or other plans and permits as may be necessary to implement the subdivision plan associated with RZ 2022-HM-00023.

This motion should not be construed as a favorable recommendation by the Board on the proposed applications and does not relieve the Applicant from compliance with the provisions of applicable ordinances, regulations, or adopted standards in any way.

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