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Walter L. Alcorn,
Hunter Mill District Supervisor

July 13, 2021 Joint Board Matter: Recognition of the James Madison High School Boys Baseball Team Winning Virginia Class 6 State Championship

Joint Board Matter with Supervisor Dalia Palchik and Supervisor Kathy L. Smith


Chairman, I am proud to announce that once again this year James Madison High School has a state championship team. This time it is the Boys Baseball Team who defeated Colgan 2-1 on Saturday, June 26 to clinch the championship. It is the baseball team’s first title since 2015 and the fifth in program history. This remarkable team was led by coach Mark Gjormand – and it is the third Madison team he has led to a state championship.

Motion: Therefore, Mr. Chairman, I ask that a certificate of recognition be prepared by the Office of Public Affairs for the team and Coach Mark Gjormand to be presented at an upcoming Board of Supervisors meetings.
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