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Walter L. Alcorn,
Hunter Mill District Supervisor

Sept. 14, 2021 Board Matter: Motion for Concurrent Processing JACO Acquisition, LLC FDPA 2016-HM-007-5


Akridge is under contract with the owner, Reston Two Co. LLC and submitted an FDPA application for Block C of the development known as Halley Rise (formerly Reston Crescent). The Block is anchored by two residential buildings with approximately 480 dwelling units and up to 9,250 square feet of retail. A key part of the project is building a shared parking garage for the existing office building on Block E.

The Planning Commission public hearing is scheduled for November 17, 2021 for FDPA 2016-HM-007-5, and the applicant is requesting concurrent site plan processing.


There, Mr. Chairman, I move that the Board of Supervisors direct staff to authorize concurrent FDP and site plan processing.

This motion should not be construed as a favorable recommendation by the Board on the proposed applications and does not relieve the Applicant from compliance with the provisions of applicable ordinances, regulations, or adopted standards in any way.

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