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Jan. 26, 2021 Joint Board Matter: Review of Lighting Infrastructure

Joint Board Matter with Lee District Supervisor Rodney Luck and Sully District Supervisor Kathy Smith 


On Jan. 28, 2020 the Board approved a joint motion of Supervisor Lusk and me on a pedestrian and bicycle safety initiative focusing on the ActiveFairfax planning process. As ActiveFairfax moves forward to facilitate additional opportunities for our residents to get around safely without getting into a car, bus or train, another piece of our local infrastructure also deserves additional Board attention and review – lighting.   

The previous Board of Supervisors’ vote in 2019 to convert all 57,000 Dominion-owned/County-funded streetlights to LED technology signaled a commitment to bringing more consistency and energy efficiency to street lighting, and we are in the second year of that five year program. Under that effort we are using full cut-off fixtures to support dark sky goals.  These improvements are being implemented consistent with our lighting standards for roadways and are a big step forward for safer transportation and for public safety.

However, for various reasons lighting for other modes of transportation and located on property other than VDOT right-of-way have received less attention. We believe it is time for the Board to review lighting issues through the prism of OneFairfax – including exploring whether our lighting infrastructure meets the needs of all residents, and in all parts of Fairfax County.  


Therefore, Mr. Chairman, Supervisor Lusk, Supervisor Smith and I move that staff present an overview to the Board of current lighting practices, on-going challenges and potential funding needs across all modes of transportation at a future Board of Supervisors committee meeting to be determined. Prior to such committee meeting, we would ask that the County Executive provide a NIP (Not in Package) item to the Board on these topics. These actions are intended to facilitate a robust Board discussion on relevant lighting issues and explore whether a comprehensive lighting plan should be initiated following adoption of the ActiveFairfax Plan.  We would so move.



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