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Walter L. Alcorn
Hunter Mill District Supervisor

July 27, 2021 Board Matter: Older Decks Structural Safety


Chairman, I have heard homeowners' concerns about the safety of older decks following press reports about deck collapses in our region and beyond. 

While the county’s permitting process does an excellent job ensuring that new decks are built structurally sound, years of weather and wear and tear may weaken parts of decks, making them less safe. Deck maintenance and management are the responsibility of the homeowner. However, community outreach to homeowners on how to ensure that older decks are structurally sound can help avoid collapses and other safety concerns.


Therefore, I move that Land Development Services and the Office of Public Affairs develop and disseminate guidance and information for homeowners with older decks on how to ensure they remain safe and structurally sound.


Fairfax Virtual Assistant