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Walter L. Alcorn
Hunter Mill District Supervisor

Sept. 26, 2023 Board Matter: Fairfax Hunt Estates CDP/RZ-2022-HM-00025

SEM Fairfax Land Associates, LLC (the “Applicant”) submitted concurrent rezoning and final development plan applications (the “Applications”) for an 8.87-acre property located north of Lake Fairfax Park and identified as Fairfax County Tax Map 18-1 ((1)) 0002 (the “Property”).  

These Applications present an opportunity to accomplish the preservation envisioned in the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan (“the Comprehensive Plan”) for the circa-1790 log house (the “Log House”) previously associated with the Fairfax Hunt Club, without financially burdening Fairfax County while providing a small infill residential community consisting of eight (8) single-family detached homes on a cul-de-sac off of Lake Fairfax Drive.  

In addition to the aforementioned preservation of the Log House, these Applications will ensure that the currently unmaintained unnamed cemetery #44FX1397 is well maintained in perpetuity and most importantly, that the cemetery remains undisturbed.  

The Applicant held a public hearing before the Planning Commission on July 26, 2023 and is scheduled for a second public hearing before the Planning Commission on September 27, 2023.  The Applicant has requested a date certain for a hearing before this Board of October 24, 2023.  

Therefore, I move that the Clerk to the Board of Supervisors schedule the Applications for a public hearing before the Board of Supervisors on October 24, 2023 at 4:00 P.M.  

The Applicant is aware that this motion should not be considered as a favorable recommendation by the Board on the proposed Applications and does not relieve the Applicant from compliance with the provisions of all applicable ordinances, regulations and adopted standards, nor does it prejudice in any way the Board’s consideration of the Applications.

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