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Walter L. Alcorn
Hunter Mill District Supervisor

Statement on Hidden Creek Country Club Property in Reston

Since assuming office this year, one of the more contentious land use questions in Reston is whether the designation of the Hidden Creek Country Club property as a golf course in the adopted Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan should be changed. On this question I have long stated that any proposal to change the comprehensive plan for this property to allow additional development would need support from the surrounding communities.

The current owners of Hidden Creek have spent much of 2020, and for some time prior to my assuming office, exploring community interest in other uses for their property. While this outreach effort has given them the time and opportunity to make their pitch, it has also generated a good deal of uncertainty and even anxiety among neighbors. Earlier this fall I let the Hidden Creek owners know that I did not want the community to bear this uncertainty indefinitely. 

Based on a review this week of all direct communications with my office via emails, phone calls and letters, there is not support from surrounding communities for changing the comprehensive plan.  In fact it is not even close – there are more than five residents against for every supporter of possibly changing the plan. Therefore, I do not support changing the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan’s current designation of this property as a golf course and consider the matter closed.

Although I do not play golf (just once in the past 33 years) I do recognize that the long-term use of this property as a golf course depends on people willing to pay to play golf. I encourage members of the community who wish to see this property remain a golf course to pick up the game and go play!

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