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Alternate Methods and Materials

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Per the provisions in the Virginia Construction Code for “Alternate methods and materials” and “New materials,” Fairfax County is permitted to set a standard by which to accept alternatives to what is available through the code. Most alternate construction methods can be reviewed and approved through the code modification process on a case by case basis. However, materials and products have more specific functions and require greater scrutiny and review.

To assist in that level of review, the county relies on nationally-recognized evaluation services and their corresponding evaluation reports. The reports give instruction to the designer, plan reviewer, builder and inspector for the proper installation and code applicability. The county accepts reports from the following agencies:

If you wish to use a product in your project, ensure it has an evaluation report from one of the agencies listed above that references Virginia’s current building code, the preceding code or any future code. Please note that the requirements in the report must be strictly following during permit application and installation. Pay particular attention to a section in the report titled, “Conditions of Use.” Plan review staff ensure all applicable conditions are incorporated in the construction plans or are part of the submission package.

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