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CONTACT INFORMATION: Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. and Friday, 9:15 a.m. - 4 p.m. Please note that visitors may not be added to in-person queues past 3:45 p.m.
703-222-0801 TTY 711
12055 Government Center Pkwy
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About Us

As stewards of the county’s land development and building construction codes and regulations, Land Development Services facilitates the safe and sustainable building of our communities. We achieve service excellence by building partnerships with stakeholders to create a thriving Fairfax County. We enforce the standards set forth in applicable codes such as:


Our Work

We protect the health, safety, welfare, and environment for those who live in, work in, and visit Fairfax County by:


Review staff in LDS are assigned according to their specialties and the corresponding permit types.

For site review, the specialties include residential grading plans (i.e., infill lot grading plans) stormwater, geotechnical, streetlights, sewer, on-site wastewater, forestry, and fire safety.

For building review, the specialties include residential plan review, life safety, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing review for commercial tenant fit outs and new commercial buildings, elevators, special inspections, and solar review.

Additional Training

LDS staff attend annual training courses that exceed the specific training requirements of Fairfax County and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Two training specialists facilitate various LDS training events each year. Examples of annual training courses include IBC training, county specific training (e.g., PLUS, safety), and training on specific products (e.g., solar shingles).


Our Guiding Principles

As members of the Land Development Services team, we accomplish our mission by embracing racial and social equity and protect the health and well-being of each other and the public.


Facilitate the safe and sustainable building of our communities


Be the best partner in creating a thriving Fairfax County


  • Accountability: Fulfill your obligations and expect others to do the same
  • Collaboration: Work together towards a common goal and support innovation
  • Empowerment: Trust and support employees to lead and make decisions that align with our mission
  • Integrity: Consistently demonstrate honesty, sincerity, openness and moral uprightness
  • Respect: Value others by demonstrating fairness, appreciation and understanding
  • Safety: Adhere to safe working practices on and off the job
  • Environmental Stewardship: promote environmentally responsible development


Customer Bill of Rights

We value our partnership with the public and the building industry.

Customer Bill of Rights


Recourses Are Available to Developers If the Jurisdiction Misses a Deadline

If your project takes significantly longer than the estimated time, there are options available to help your permit move forward through the permitting process. These options include:

  • LDS’ Third-Party Review Program is available to customers applying for residential building permits.
  • Several site record types have timelines mandated by the Code of Virginia, county code and Zoning Ordinance. These include major site plans, rough grading plans, infill lot grading plans, and conservation plans.
  • Contact us:
    • Email staff member listed in PLUS communication.
    • Call Customer Experience Team (CET) Staff: 703-222-0801, TTY 711.
    • Use the LDS Staff Directory and organizational chart to determine the correct contact for your record type.
    • If your issues cannot be resolved by any of the above, you can call the Office of the Director of LDS: 703-324-1780, TTY 711.


Review Comment Policies

Permit applications and associated plans are reviewed in three of the divisions in LDS: Permitting and Code Administration, Site Development and Inspections and Building. The following policies provide guidance to LDS to follow when commenting on customer applications and plans.



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