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Site Development

The Site Development & Inspections Division (SDID) staff of plan reviewers and inspectors ensure that the development of residential and commercial projects meets applicable county, state and federal regulations.

Site Status DefinitionsSDID seeks excellence in service by balancing the needs of the community with environmental regulations and construction standards to ensure sites are developed in concert with their approved site-related plan, and conform to county codes and standards, including the Public Facilities Manual. As part of this service, staff review, inspect and evaluate the following:

  • New public infrastructure;
  • Control of erosion and sedimentation;
  • Storm drainage;
  • Stormwater management; and
  • Tree preservation.

Land Development Services (LDS) also provides support to religious and community groups, the development community, residents, and other county agencies throughout the site development process via the LDS Project Management Program.

As an added resource, you can use PLUS to research zoning cases and to check the review status for site plans, grading plans and waivers. To find information on building and site-related activities such as building inspections, plan approvals and permit information.

Notification Tool for Infill Lot Grading Plan & Conservation Plan Submissions

  • The Infill Lot Grading Plan and Conservation Plan Viewer shows locations of new single-family homes planned in Fairfax County. The viewer displays all submissions and resubmissions made in the prior six months in each district.
  • LDS also offers a weekly notification service to receive updates about new infill applications. Sign up for email notifications, submit your email address and select the magisterial districts for which you would like to receive notifications.

Notification Tool for New Parking Adjustment Applications

LDS offers a monthly notification service to receive monthly updates about new parking adjustment applications.




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