Step 5: Business-Specific Guidance

This page contains business-specific guidance. Some specific business types have different, or additional, requirements. The industry-specific guides on this page will assist you in determining all your needs.

Please note that your business may have other Federal, State or industry-required licenses and permits which may not be listed here.

These licenses, permits and taxes are supplemental to the regulations for all Fairfax County businesses, as outlined on the preceding pages.

Please be sure that you have read the prior 4 steps to starting a business

Business-Specific Licenses, Permits and Taxes

In addition to a BPOL license and Business Tangible Property taxes, certain businesses are subject to additional Fairfax County licenses or permits, as noted below:


Business-Specific Guides

Contractors Start Up Guide

This guide provides information for prospective contractors in Fairfax County. Any project valued at $1,000 or more must be performed by a contractor licensed to work in Virginia. Journeyman and Masters (electricians, plumbers or mechanical contractors) can do work under $1,000 per contract without a state contractor’s license.

Restaurant Start Up Guide

Our guide will help you open a restaurant in Fairfax County. It contains information about key steps needed to build a new commercial space or take over or renovate an existing one.

Fairfax County Farmers Market Vendor Start Up Guide

This guide provides information for prospective vendors at Fairfax County farmers markets.

Home-Based Food Production

Home-based food production is a specific type of home-based business that has its own application. Home-based businesses also require a Business, Professional and Occupational License (BPOL)

Home-based food production businesses require both approval by the Virginia Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services and a Home-based Business Permit from the Department of Planning & Development.

Only certain types of foods may be produced in a home.

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