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Recently Adopted Zoning Ordinance Amendments

The following are adopted amendments to the current Zoning Ordinance. Click on an amendment below to expand for more information.

112.1-2021-4 - Historic Overlay Districts and State Code Revisions

Adopted: 9-14-2021

Effective: 9-15-2021

The amendment, under the authority granted by the General Assembly under SB1457 (effective April 7, 2021), amends (1) the powers and duties of the Architectural Review Board (“ARB”) to grant additional authority to the ARB to hear and decide applications for any proposed subdivision, including any subdivision plat, plan, or construction plan of any parcel or parcels within a historic overlay district (“HOD”) whose district-specific regulations require such ARB approval, (2) amends the administration of HOD regulations to require ARB review and approval of any application for a proposed subdivision of any parcel(s) within any HOD whose district-specific regulations require such ARB approval, and (3) amend the additional Standards for the Wellington Historic Overlay District (WHOD) to require ARB review and approval of any proposed subdivision and to allow the Board, in association with a proposed development, to impose or accept any condition it deems necessary to ensure any proposed use will satisfy the general and additional standards applicable to this HOD. This may include a condition to allow public access to the Wellington at River Farm HOD and its landmark, buildings, structures, or land to the extent permitted by local, state, or federal law. 

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112.1-2021-3 - Special Permit Fees and Other Minor Revisions

Adopted: 7-13-2021

Effective: 7-14-2021

The amendment established four special permit application fees, restored permissions for three uses, and included several clarifications and editorial revisions. 

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112.1-2021-2 - Agritourism and Related Changes

Adopted: 6-22-2021

Effective: 7-1-2021

The amendment increases the minimum acreage required to be in agricultural production from 5 acres to 7 acres when establishing an agricultural operation; establishes an agritourism definition with a tiered system based on associated acreage ranges and total number of attendees per day, and standards; creates a by-right option for bed and breakfasts when in conjunction with an agricultural operation and located on 20 acres or more; permits food trucks in association with agritourism, limited brewery, limited distillery, and farm winery; renames “quarters for a tenant farmer and his family” to farm worker housing with additional standards; and modifies and relocates the provisions for wayside stands.

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ZO-21-488 and 112.1-2021-1 - Establishment of Wellington at River Farm Historic Overlay District (WHOD)

Adopted: 4-13-2021

Effective: 4-14-2021 and 7-1-2021

The amendment establishes the Wellington at River Farm Historic Overlay District (WHOD), concurrent with a Comprehensive Plan Amendment PA 2020 IV-MV1, addressing the proposed establishment of the WHOD; and rezoning application RZ 2021-MV-001, adding the WHOD to the property and defining the boundaries of the WHOD on the Zoning Map.

As part of the zMOD project the WHOD regulations were adopted in two versions: in the current Zoning Ordinance (ZO) format and in the zMOD format. The regulations provided in the current ZO format are the governing zoning ordinance text until zMOD becomes effective on July 1, 2021. Once zMOD becomes effective, the language provided in the current ZO format would automatically be replaced with the proposed language in the zMOD format.

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