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Reston Network Analysis Advisory Group

Reston Network Analysis Advisory Area Map
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Following the adoption of the Reston Master Plan Phase 1 update, the Reston Network Advisory Group was created by the Hunter Mill District Supervisor to establish a forum for the Fairfax County Transportation staff to receive input and feedback from residents and property owners/developers on the Reston Network Analysis and associated plans. 

Beyond its work helping County staff shape the future multi-modal grid of streets within the Reston Transit Station Areas (TSAs), and the mechanisms and timing/prioritization for related transportation project funding, the team provides structured feedback to the Supervisor and the community about the plans- striving for consensus,  but allowing for majority/minority opinion.

Reston Funding Plan

The purpose of the Reston Funding Plan, as directed by the Board of Supervisors, was to conduct an inclusive process to prepare a funding plan for the transportation improvements recommended in the Reston Master Plan. The funding plan should include arrangements for financing the public share of Reston infrastructure improvements and facilitate cooperative funding agreements with the private sector.


Community Members:

  • Andy Sigle - Chair
  • John Mossgrove
  • Liana Kang 
  • Delores Bailey
  • Tim Cohn

Agency/Entity Representatives:

  • Matt Valentini - JBG Representative
  • Cate Fulkerson - Reston Association Representative
  • Mark Looney - Reston Chamber Representative
  • Bill Keefe - Reston Community Center Board of Governors Representative
  • Robert Goudie - RTC Representative
  • Maggie Parker - Comstock Representative
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