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Tysons Boulevard Lane Closure for Community Recreation Scheduled to Begin July 14, 2021

Tysons Boulevard closure pictures

Bicyclists, joggers and walkers should share the closed space just like they would on a shared use path, with bikes yielding to pedestrians.

When a car needs to cross the closed lane to make a turn, vehicles have the right of way, however, all users should slow down, establish eye contact and proceed with caution.

Yielding to vehicles at Park Run Road

Bicyclists and pedestrians should yield to turning vehicles when approaching Park Run Drive.

The right, northbound lane of Tysons Boulevard will be closed mainly with concrete barriers, but also barrels and signs to protect pedestrians and bicyclists.

Tysons Boulevard Closure Barriers

Tysons Boulevard serves a high population of residents and commuters in Fairfax County; and with only one cross-street (Park Run Drive) and no commercial or residential driveways. Even though there is a sidewalk along this stretch of road, this temporary closure will provide people with a safer option, and more space for outdoor recreation while maintaining social distancing practices during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

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FCDOT and VDOT will be closely monitoring the traffic conditions and will reassess the closure if traffic patterns change or once travel restrictions begin to be lifted in Fairfax County.

For information on Tysons Boulevard and to stay informed, please connect with FCDOT:

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