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Caroline Coscia
Communications Director

Supporting people with developmental disabilities in our community

Who is eligible for developmental disability services?

To be eligible for CSB developmental disability services, an individual must meet the following criteria:

[Infants and toddlers (ages 0 – 3 years) with developmental delays may be eligible for specialized services through the CSB’s Infant & Toddler Connection: 703-246-7121, TTY 711.]

How do I apply for services?

For all of the services listed below, please call 703-324-4400, TTY 711 or learn more about the intake process.

What kinds of services are available?

Support Coordination

  • Determines eligibility for benefits and services.
  • Provides central point of contact for individuals and their families to help develop a plan of services and supports that maximizes opportunities for successful community living.
  • Explains services and choices, and advocates for individuals and families.
  • Assists individuals and families in selecting preferred service providers and initiating services, including employment, day, and residential services.
  • Coordinates and monitors service delivery, and provides interdisciplinary team planning.

Day Support and Employment Services

  • Provides employment or day support services through multiple private providers.
  • Provides varying levels of training, support and assistance based on individual needs and preferences in a variety of work and day support settings.

Residential Services

  • Provides residential services through multiple private providers.
  • Offers center- and home-based respite services for caregivers and a subsidy program to help families pay for respite care.
  • Provides varying levels of residential support services based on individual needs and preferences in a variety of settings, from drop-in hours to intermediate care facilities.


Intake Information for Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Learn who is eligible and what types of services are available for individuals who have a developmental disability.

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