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Stroller Policy

Boarding a Fairfax Connector bus with a child in a stroller? We’re making the process more family-friendly and now allowing the child to stay securely strapped in the stroller for the entire trip!Stroller Policy stroller policy spanish

The following conditions apply:

  • Available only when ADA accessible seating is not in use.
  • Child remains secured in stroller while on the bus. 
  • Parent/guardian must always be holding on to the stroller.
  • Stroller wheels must be locked.
  • The maximum size for a stroller is 48” long by 30” wide, this includes joggers and double strollers. 
Get Operator's Attention Stroller on Bus Operator Folds Seats Stroller on Bus Stroller Wheels LockedStroller wheel lock
Straps/Buckles Securedstroller strap check Hands on Strollerstroller on bus Double Strollers Fit Too!double stroller on bus

  • If the ADA accommodation area is not available, parents/guardians must fold the stroller and accommodate their children, in their laps while seated.
  • If ADA accessible seating is not in use, bus seats can be folded up to accommodate the stroller. Strollers are permitted in this space and must be stored in that area.
  • Older adults and passengers in a personal mobility device (meeting ADA requirements), will take priority over all strollers, except when that stroller is an accommodation for a child with a disability.
  • Parents/guardians are required to board the bus with their children in the stroller independently and without assistance of the bus operator.  
  • Child remains secured in stroller with all belts and harnesses, as equipped.
  • Stroller must not block passenger ingress and egress/passenger aisle cannot be blocked by stroller.
  • Fairfax Connector Operators may deploy the wheelchair ramp if requested, so all passengers, including children in strollers can board safely. 
  • Fairfax Connector operators will maintain the discretion to direct strollers be moved or folded, if they determine it is compromising the safety of other passengers.  
  • Fairfax Connector Operators are not required to lift, push, or handle strollers.


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