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Following CDC Data Changes, Health Department Updates Local Data Dashboard

The Fairfax County Health Department has updated its online COVID-19 data dashboard following recent changes to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 surveillance and reporting.

Due to changes in reporting requirements after the end of the federal COVID-19 Public Health Emergency on May 11, 2023, certain public health data are no longer available. Additionally, the number of reported cases has become less reliable as most people currently use at-home tests with results typically not reported to a physician or to the health department.

The CDC has redirected their focus to tracking more severe COVID-19 disease, those infections that result in hospitalization or death. The CDC COVID-19 Community Level has been replaced with the COVID-19 Hospital Admission Level with recommended prevention measures based on level (low, medium, or high).

In alignment with the CDC, the Fairfax County Health Department has shifted COVID-19 surveillance and data sharing to focus on measures of disease severity including COVID-19 hospitalization rates, death rates, and emergency care visits. These three indicators have replaced previous measures that were displayed on the COVID-19 Case Data Dashboard.

The Fairfax County Health Department dashboard will be updated weekly each Friday and will display the following metrics: the COVID-19 Hospital Admission Rate (all rates per 100,000 population) and Level for the current week, the COVID-19 Hospital Admission Rate and Level for the previous week, the COVID-19 Death Rate for the current week, and the weekly percent of all emergency care visits for COVID-like illness (CLI).

Additional county-level data can be found on the CDC COVID-19 Data Tracker and the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) COVID-19 dashboards. VDH also recently launched a new dashboard reporting COVID-19 in Wastewater Surveillance, an important tool for earlier detection of disease within a population.

These data provide the public with a detailed look at disease trends throughout the health district and enable us to continue to keep our residents safe and informed.

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