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New Health Department Program Aims to Improve Health Outcomes for Teen and Young Adult Parents

Stable Families Thriving Futures logo“Stable Families, Thriving Futures” onboards young parents to a more stabilized and healthy future

The Fairfax County Health Department is launching a new program to improve the health, educational, and socioeconomic outcomes for local expectant teen and young adult parents. 

The new program, called “Stable Families, Thriving Futures,” will provide support to enrollees as they achieve their educational goals, improve confidence as parents, ensure a pathway to economic self-sufficiency and employment, and organize their lives. It is offered to future mothers and fathers ages 14-25.

“Unfortunately, the reality is that most teen and young adult parents are at increased likelihood for negative outcomes – such as dropping out of school, chronic illness and poverty. Getting enrolled in Stable Families, Thriving Futures intervenes to create supports for the parent - and the next generation of their family -  that lead to a positive health, financial independence, and an overall brighter future. These provide more stable, solid chances of bright futures for these individuals and their children,” said Blanca Vasquez, program manager.

Blanca Vasquez
Blanca Vasquez, program manager, Stable Families Thriving Futures

Stable Families-Thriving Futures program participants:

  • Learn how to make sustained progress toward their own educational and employment goals – both in high school and beyond – while simultaneously meeting their children’s needs
  • Improve parenting skills and co-parenting relationships
  • Develop a plan for financial independence
  • Develop a plan to gain meaningful employment
  • Work with a mentor to create customized support systems for maternal and child health care, affordable housing, food access, nutrition support and more
  • Get the confidence-building skills needed to positively view themselves as both people and parents
  • Acquire culturally-competent health literacy skills to help navigate the health needs of their children and themselves
  • Connect to other supports for specialized issues such as substance use disorder, domestic violence prevention, and mental health services, as needed

“Stable Families, Thriving Futures creates a network of support for the families it serves and empowers teen and young adult parents. Our ultimate goal is for these young parents to see themselves as capable and responsible people who have the skills they need to pursue their education and get on solid financial footing, creating a foundation upon which the entire young family can thrive,” said Ms. Vasquez.

Stable Families Thriving Futures addressing a community health need in the Fairfax Health District
In 2020, which represents the most recent data on teenage pregnancy from the Virginia Department of Health, 332 teens were pregnant in the County. The Partnership for a Healthier Fairfax’s Community Health Dashboard indicates that teen pregnancy and childbearing have substantial social and economic impacts for communities. The Dashboard cites the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which indicates that teen pregnancy accounts for more than $9 billion in costs to U.S. taxpayers and significantly contributes to high school dropout rates among females.

About program funding
“Stable Families, Thriving Futures: A Public Health Model Building Knowledge, Prevention and Resilience Among Teens and Young Adults” is an initiative 100% funded by the U.S. Department of Labor, Office Employment and Training Administration. Please note that the contents of this document are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the official views of, nor an endorsement, by U.S. Department of Labor, Office Employment and Training Administration or the U.S. Government. 

How to Enroll
Stable Families, Thriving Futures is accepting referrals to its program. Go to the program website for more information.

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