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Three Community Health Champions Recognized in First Live Healthy Fairfax Awards

Three Live Healthy Award winners were recognized at the kickoff of the Partnership for a Healthier Fairfax Spring meeting today. The Live Healthy Fairfax Awards program, established this year, recognized three community members who’s commitment to health and wellness initiatives went “above and beyond” in the areas of Behavioral Health, Healthy Eating, and Healthy Environment and Active Living. Of the many outstanding nominations submitted, those selected exemplify premier examples of actions and initiatives that impact the health of the overall community and are lasting, sustainable contributions that improve the health and well-being of individuals, families, and populations across Fairfax County.

The work of the Partnership revolves around the Community Healthy Improvement Plan (CHIP), which has just completed year three of its five year plan. The CHIP provides a five-year collective plan of action for all people in the Fairfax community to be an engaged and empowered community working together to achieve optimal health and well-being for all who work, live, and play across the towns, cities, and diverse communities in Fairfax. Based on a comprehensive data review and planning process, the CHIP’s focus areas, goals, objectives, and key actions involve extensive collaborative efforts with people, groups, organizations, and institutions in the Fairfax community. The CHIP serves as a community-wide initiative, dedicated to equitable access to programs for all residents, and offers opportunities for resident engagement and a chance for everyone to make important contributions to create a healthier Fairfax community.

Today’s first-ever Live Healthy Award Winners include:

Behavioral Health Team: Jenna White. A dedicated volunteer with the Fairfax County Council PTA and liaison to the Partnership’s Trauma Informed Community Network, Jenna is a leader in raising awareness and sharing information about the impact of adverse childhood experiences (trauma) on the health of our population. Jenna’s leadership, and support, in helping our community’s parents, child and youth-serving professionals and the public understand how to recognize childhood trauma and provides action plans on what they can do to support social-emotional wellness of children and how to create spaces that promote resilience and strength for all children.

Healthy Eating/Fairfax Food Council: Cory Suter. Cory has long been active in establishing partnerships and programs to help residents with the knowledge and tools they need to grow fresh, healthy produce. Volunteering his time, labor and expertise, Cory’s vision is to incorporate edible landscaping in as many locations as possible. His work has helped launch community gardens across the county, including in public schools and community centers and apartment communities. Cory teaches workshops, including an annual edible landscaping/front yard gardening workshops and works tirelessly to educate the population on the benefits of health-focused changes and community gardens to Fairfax County.

Health Environment and Active Living: Sally Smallwood. Sally served as the Safe Routes to School for Fairfax County Public Schools since the program’s inception in 2014. For the past eight years, Sally has worked to provide bike and pedestrian safety instruction- and equipment such as helmets and bikes- to students and families across Fairfax County. Dedicated to making walking and biking to school possible, Sally devotes her time to partnering with Fairfax County Police, schools, transportation safety partners, in addition to health and physical education advocates to promote safety and accessible resources for all.

The Partnership for a Healthier Fairfax is a coalition of community members and organizations working together to explore new approaches for addressing the social determinants of health and other critical public health issues. Learn more about what you can do to get involved by visiting Live Healthy Fairfax.

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