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Workforce Dwelling Unit Homebuyer Program

WDU Homebuyer
The Workforce Dwelling Unit (WDU) Homebuyer Program provides a means for qualified homebuyers earning between 70 and 120 percent the Area Median Income (AMI) to purchase a home at below-market prices near employment centers and transportation options. WDU townhomes and condominiums are located within market-rate developments throughout the county and vary in size and layout. 

Homeowners are responsible for all home maintenance, home improvements and compliance with homeowner or condominium fees, rules and regulations. For new homes the builder is responsible for all warranty items.


Homebuyers who purchase a home through the program are required to:

  • Live in the home as their primary residence (No renting allowed; occupancy is certified annually).
  • Contact Fairfax County prior to any refinancing (Refinancing is limited to current outstanding principal balance).
  • First offer the unit to Fairfax County at time of resale.
  • Other covenants may apply.
  • Eligible applicants, and all adults in the household, must meet the definition of a first-time homebuyer.
  • Eligible applicants must have a total household income which falls below 120 percent of AMI (based on household size) as outlined in the table below. 
Family Size 70% AMI 80% AMI 100% AMI 120% AMI
1 $63,200 $72,250 $90,300 $108,350
2 $72,250 $82,550 $103,200 $123,850
3 $81,300 $92,900 $116,100 $139,300
4 $90,300 $103,200 $129,000 $154,800
5 $97,500 $111,450 $139,300 $167,200
6 $104,750 $119,700 $149,650 $179,550
7 $111,950 $127,950 $159,950 $191,950
8+ $119,200 $136,200 $170,300 $204,350

Note: Applicants within the 70% AMI tier may also be eligible to purchase a unit through the First-Time Homebuyer Program.


Home pricing may vary from property to property. Similar units may have different sales prices depending on the income tiers it is designated to serve. Sales prices are not negotiable. Current prices range from $200,000 to the high $400,000s. WDU unit purchasers agree to abide by the following covenant provisions.

Restrictive agreements which govern the occupancy, refinance and resale price of participating properties during the initial 30-years of ownership.

Each homeowner must:

  • Live in the home as your primary residence
  • Contact Fairfax County Homeownership staff before refinancing the home
  • Sell your home at a controlled price through the WDU program when selling; and
  • Split the net proceeds over the control price with the Fairfax County Housing Trust Fund if your sell you home after the 30-year control period.

After a homeowner has resided in the home for 30-years, the unit must still be offered to Fairfax County, but the resale price may be set by the owner.  Certain other covenant provisions still apply.  The covenants may be found here.  


STEP 1: Review the Online Orientation Presentation and Complete the Application Packet

Applicants for the WDU Homebuyer program must review and be familiar with the following orientation materials which provide a general outline of the program eligibility, application steps, and homeowner responsibilities.

Begin by reviewing the WDU Homebuyer Orientation Presentation.

You will also need to complete the certification form (included with the WDU Homebuyer Application Packet) indicating you have reviewed the presentation.

Questions about the material may be submitted by email to FTHBhomeownership@fairfaxcounty.gov or by calling 703-246-5087, TTY 711.

STEP 2: Obtain A Virginia Housing Homebuyer Education Certificate

All applicants must complete a Homebuyer Education Course offered by Virginia Housing. You may see all available classes online at www.vhda.com. There is no cost to attend this class. All attendees will be provided with a certificate of completion which will need to be submitted as part of your application materials.

STEP 3: Meet with a Lender

Applicants will need their lender to complete the pre-approval form (included in the Application Packet). This document will indicate the maximum home purchase price you qualify for under the WDU Homebuyer program and will need to be included in your application submission.

STEP 4: Submit Initial Application

Applicants will be required to submit all application materials (as indicated in the WDU Homebuyer Orientation Presentation and the Application Packet) to the Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority in one of three ways:

By Mail
Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority
3700 Pender Drive, Suite 170
Fairfax Virginia  22030


Deliver to the Housing Drop-Box:
Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority
3700 Pender Drive, Suite 170
Fairfax Virginia  22030

Note: The drop box is located to the right of the main entrance of the building.
Please ensure that all materials are sealed in an envelope with “Attention to Homeownership Division” written on the outside.


By Secure Fax


You will receive email confirmation within 72 hours of receipt.

STEP 5: Attend a Homebuyer Information Session

When the Department of Housing and Community Development has received your application package, you will be contacted to attend an information session with staff to receive your passport which will allow you to enter drawings for available properties. During this session, staff will:

  • Review the covenants associated with purchasing a home through the program
  • Review the process for searching for available properties
  • Review the process for entering drawings for properties you are interested in
  • Answer any remaining questions you may have


Applicants who complete all of the application steps and are approved to participate in WDU Homebuyer Program property drawings may participate in the selection process. Applicants should frequently visit this page to review home listings of properties available through the program (see below). Applicants may submit their name for a randomized drawing based on household size and preference points – applicants with the highest preference points will be considered first*. 

One Preference point is awarded to applicants as they meet the following criteria:

  • Live or Work in Fairfax County
  • Families with Dependent Children or Disabled Dependent of Any Age
  • Current Participant in FCRHA Programs
  • Fairfax County or Fairfax County Public Schools Employee

*If a home includes accessible features, priority is given to those who have a disability requiring the home’s features.

Homes for Sale

Only applicants with a valid Passport to Homeownership may enter the following unit drawings.  Passports are issued following the completion of an Orientation session, completed Lender Pre-Approval letter and completed and signed WDU Homebuyer Program initial application.  Units are listed as they become available from developers or current WDU owners sell their home.  Please check back on a weekly basis for new listings.  Listings are open for a two-week period and you may not enter a drawing once the listing date expires.

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