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Housing Choice Voucher: Inspections

Before a tenant can move into your property, the FCRHA must inspect the unit to ensure that it meets HUD’s minimum Housing Quality Standards (HQS). In addition to this initial inspection, tenants and landlords must make the units available for regular re-inspections as required by HUD. The FCRHA cannot pay on the unit for a new tenant until it passes inspection. If the unit fails the inspection, the landlord will need to make the repairs and have the unit re-inspected. If a unit fails the regularly scheduled inspection for an existing tenant, they will be provided a timeframe to correct the violations. If the violations are not fixed in that timeframe, HAP payments for the unit will be abated until the violations are fixed.  Landlords will not be paid for any time the unit is in abatement.

Housing Quality Standards ensure that the unit is decent, safe, and sanitary. Some of the items that are required include: 

  • Alternative exits in case of fire.
  • A cooking stove or range
  • A kitchen sink with hot and cold running water
  • A refrigerator that is of appropriate size for the unit
  • Space for storage, food preparation, and serving
  • Facilities and services for food waste disposal
  • At least one window in the living and sleeping rooms
  • A working light fixture in the bathrooms and kitchen
  • At a minimum two electric outlets in the kitchen, living room and each bedroom
  • Adequate air circulation
  • Free from dangerous levels of sewer gas, carbon monoxide, dust, fuel gas, and other harmful air pollutants
  • A flushing toilet
  • A fixed tub or shower with hot and cold running water
  • A fixed basin with hot and cold running water
  • A kitchen, living room, bathroom, and at least one bedroom or living-sleeping room
  • No severe defects, such as large holes, bulging or loose surface materials, on floors, ceilings, and walls
  • A firm and weather-tight roof

A complete list of Housing Quality Standards for the Housing Choice Voucher program can be found on the HUD website

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