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Housing Choice Voucher: Roles & Responsibilities

The successful leasing of any property is dependent on the active participation and partnership between landlord and tenant in understanding agreement parameters, following through on obligations and addressing and resolving any concerns that arise.


All landlords are responsible for understanding federal, state and local regulations pertaining to being a landlord. For general information about what landlords should know in Fairfax County, visit the Consumer Services Division website. Information pertaining to fair housing can be found on the Human Rights and Equity Programs website.

As a participating landlord in the Housing Choice Voucher Program, you still screen and select the household you will rent your unit to as you would with a non-assisted tenant.

Landlords are also responsible for:

  • Collecting a portion of your rent form the tenant under your signed lease
  • Performing all management and renting functions of your unit
  • Performing all necessary landlord maintenance to keep the unit in compliance with HUD Housing Quality Standards
  • Complying with the Housing Assistance Payment Contract and the HUD Tenancy Addendum executed with the FCRHA
  • If you desire, you may hire a property management agent to represent you
  • If you choose to supply the utilities to the unit, you will be responsible for the payment of these utilities


Tenants are responsible for:

  • Providing the FCHRA with all information needed to certify program eligibility (re-certifications may be performed bi-annually)
  • Finding suitable housing and negotiating the asking rent according to their allowed assistance
  • Paying their portion of the rent directly to the landlord 
  • Repairing any damage they cause to the unit that is beyond normal wear and tear
  • Allowing the FCRHA to conduct regularly scheduled inspections of the unit
  • Abiding by the tenant-landlord lease and all added riders and clauses
  • Abide by the obligations of the Housing Choice Voucher program and the HUD Tenancy Addendum


The FCRHA is responsible for:

  • Determining tenant eligibility to participate in the Housing Choice Voucher program (including performing all tenant certifications and recertifications)
  • Determining the amount of assistance to be provided for each program participant
  • Making the required subsidized payment to the landlord on behalf of the tenant
  • Conducting Housing Quality Standard Inspections as required by HUD
  • Monitoring the implementation of the program to ensure compliance with all regulations

The FCRHA encourages landlords and tenants to work to resolve issues on their own, but can provide assistance if the parties involved are experiencing communication difficulties. Tenant-Landlord services are also available through the Department of Cable and Consumer Services


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