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Consolidated Community Funding Advisory Committee (CCFAC)

The Consolidated Community Funding Advisory Committee (CCFAC) is a citizen group established by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and charged with the responsibility to advise the Board of Supervisors on the development and implementation of the federally required consolidation plan, as well as recommend CCFP priorities based on community and staff assessments of the human services and community development needs within the county. CCFAC also oversees all aspects of the CCFP policy, priorities, and proposal evaluation criteria planning and development. Members of the CCFAC are appointed by the County Executive and represent various public and private citizen advisory or administrative boards, councils, and committees within the county.

Consolidated Community Funding Pool (CCFP)

The Consolidated Community Funding Pool (CCFP) is a countywide grant program for funding private community-based human services programs through a competitive process that is responsive to changing community needs. Funds are awarded to applicants on a two-year cycle based upon the recommendations from the Selection Advisory Committee (SAC) and approval of the Board of Supervisors. The SAC evaluates and scores proposals in accordance with the funding priorities developed and recommended by the Consolidated Community Funding Advisory Committee (CCFAC). Contracts are awarded to the approved programs by the Department of Procurement and Material Management.

Funding in the CCFP is available from a combination of sources, including the Fairfax County General Fund, the Federal and State Community Services Block Grant and the Federal Community Development Block Grant. A total of $12.5 million was awarded to successful programs for each of the two fiscal years. It is jointly staffed through a partnership of several human services agencies.


CCFP Priority Setting Process

The CCFP priorities are developed and recommended by the CCFAC based on review and analysis of both data and community input. Throughout the CCFP’s history, the CCFAC have strategically adjusted the priority setting process to meet the county’s changing needs and to recognize the changing nature of community-based service providers.

For the FY 2019-2020 funding cycle, CCFAC and CCFP support staff adjusted the priority setting process to be more in alignment with human services efforts, data, reports, and assessments. It also incorporated community engagement sessions with residents, clients, boards, authorities, and commissions, county service providers, and the Board of Supervisors to gather input about the priorities. These engagement sessions also provided an opportunity to gain insights about emerging needs. The input and insights gathered were utilized to support the development of the priorities – which were reviewed and confirmed by the CCFAC and then approved by the Board of Supervisors in June 2017.


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