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Multiple Development Agency Directors,

Criteria to Qualify for the Project Management Program

Project management assistance will be offered for projects that will most benefit from these services. These criteria may evolve as the Project Management Program grows and adapts to the needs of its clients. Although no fee is currently imposed for Project Management services, this could change in the future.

Criteria for Longer-Term Project Management Services:

Good project candidates for the Project Management Program will fall into one or more of the following categories. Not all qualifying projects will be accepted into the Project Management Program. Final selection of projects will be subject to approval by the Land Development Services (LDS) Director or his designee.

  1. Developer/ applicant provides evidence of strong motivation to complete and implement the project and a willingness to work cooperatively and share information with Project Management Program staff.
  2. Project will provide a significant benefit to the community.
  3. District Supervisor, County Executive or Economic Development Authority has requested project management assistance.
  4. Project does not involve overly complicated environmental challenges that lie outside the jurisdiction of Fairfax County.
  5. Due to new proffer legislation, only projects in the exempt areas will be considered for inclusion in the Project Management Program at this time. To determine whether your property is exempt, turn on the "Exempt Proffer Legislation Area" layer on the Planning & Zoning Viewer.

Criteria to Accept Projects in PMP for Liaison/Troubleshooter Services:

Trouble shooting assistance will be provided, as resources are available, if determined appropriate by the LDS Director of Operations or his designee.

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